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With excellent mechanical and chemical properties, housings made of light weight steel have better performance than other structural buildings in natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. Our product is more durable because corrosion-resistant high-strength Al-Zn alloy coated steel plate is used. In addition to that, our product can provide a comfortable environment for the reason that damp structure and termite can be avoided. Using this product can increase at least 5% of the usable area for buildings compared with traditional brick structure residential housing because the entire pipelines can be buried in the wall and floor structure. As the same time, home owners don't need to strictly adhere to the positions of load-bearing walls for internal division of housing, therefore they can design function space at will. Composite lightweight high strength floor, walls, plates have excellent performances of insulation, anti-moisture and noise proof, saving a lot of energy. They are environmentally friendly because recycling rate of light steel residential steel is 100%.