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Our company can provide many types of hardware, including welding electrode, welding wire, steel wire, bolt and nut and plain washer, etc. Welding electrode and welding wire can be used as filler metal in welding operation. To be more precise, welding electrode has coating so it can be used in electric welding. Whereas, welding wire is mainly applicable to gas shielded arc welding and TIG welding because it doesn't have coating. Wire mesh is mainly used in crack prevention of building, heat preservation and guardrail system. There are many types of this product such as chain link fence, welded wire mesh panel, hot dipped galvanized wire mesh and expanded metal mesh. As common fastener, bolt and nut are widely used in many industrial fields. Stud, with thread at both ends, is used mainly for connecting two objects of large thickness. Steel nail can be used independently and it can be screwed directly into the threaded hole of the connecting parts, very convenient. Of course, our company can provide a variety of hardware to meet market needs.

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