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Compared with ordinary product, screw portion of steel nail has a threaded structure. Physic principle of beveled circular rotation and friction are used in this product to fasten objects step by step. Even though this product is tiny, it is an industrial necessity for daily lives. For example, tiny screws can be used in camera, glasses, watch and electronic devices. Medium-sized product can be used in TV, electrical product, furniture and musical instrument. As for large size product, it is applicable to engineering, architecture, bridge and other occasions. All of them can be used in transportation appliance, aircraft, tram, car and other products so they cover every aspect of our lives.

Our company can provide many types of steel nail, including concrete type, round type, roofing type, coil type, strip type, steel spike and headless type. All of these products are made of high quality carbon steel or stainless steel so they have excellent mechanical properties, toughness and corrosion resistance. With fine and clear thread, this product has high degree of wear-resistance, hard to loose and reliable locking.

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