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Bolt and nut are a class of common fasteners and they are always used together. Bolt is composed of head and cylinder with an externally threaded screw and nut has internal thread of hollow structure. They are used in two parts with hole to fasten the objects. This form of connection is bolt connection.

Though they are small, they have wide applications. For example, in machinery and equipment, various parts need fastening by bolt and nut to ensure smooth and reliable running. Because it is easy to disassembly the connection of this product, maintenance of machine is very easy and convenient. Screwing off nut is OK. Our company can provide many types of hexagon nut and hex head bolt. They are all made of high quality carbon steel or stainless steel. They can withstand higher preload and have good relaxed performance, so they are widely used in automobile engines, heavy machinery and so on.

As a specialized bolts and nuts supplier in China, UNIGLORY also provides steel wire, wire mesh, square and rectangular hollow section, steel nails, cold rolled steel coil, and more.

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