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Steel wire is a product with the diameter of 1.5-4.8mm treated by cold drawn process. After hot dip galvanizing process, this product has strong corrosion resistance and longer service life. This product is mainly used in nail, network, welding electrode, packaging and printing industries. Taken wire as the raw material, mesh is a net product manufactured by weaving or welding. This product is indispensable for cracking prevention, heat preservation and cement net. In our company, we can provide customers with a series of this product with reliable quality, including chain link fence, welded wire mesh panel, hot dipped galvanized wire mesh and expanded metal mesh, etc. They have different shapes and applications. Chain link fence is mainly used in fence system and welded wire mesh panel is applied in commercial sample holder. The main application field of hot dipped galvanized wire mesh is heat preservation system of construction. For expanded metal mesh, it is commonly used in speaker, filter and construction. So customers can choose steel wire and wire mesh according to their actual needs.

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