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Welding electrode is made of core wire and coating. As a wire with certain length and diameter covered by coating, core wire has two functions. The first one is to conduct current and convert electrical energy into heat energy by generating arc. As filler metal, the second function is to form weld seam by fusing with base metal. Coating is very important in operation. Without it, large amount of oxygen and nitrogen in the air can invade melted metal and form various oxides and nitrides from iron and many elements such as carbon, silicon and manganese, etc. At the same time, these products can remain in the weld seam and become slag or crack. In addition to that, gas in the molten bath can generate a large amount of pores, thus making weld seam brittle and greatly reducing mechanical properties, such as strength, impact value and so on.

Our company can provide a series of welding electrode, such as common use type, carbon steel type and stainless steel type. In order to maintain quality and performance of the weld seam, we have strict rules for contents of many metal elements, especially harmful impurities such as sulfur, phosphorus and so on. All of these rules make this product better than its base metal.

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