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With the continuous development of the construction of railways, highways, bridges, and housings, application amount of various types of structural steel undergoes a substantial increase year by year. Compared with ordinary product, it has better toughness and weldability so it can be used in manufacturing of engineering components of buildings, bridges, ships, vehicles and producing of other structural components for machinery. In order to meet market needs, our company continuously develops new techniques, reduces production costs and launches a series of reliable quality structural steel, including steel angle, steel channel, flat steel and so on. Made of different raw materials, they all have different applications and performances so customers can make their choices on their actual needs.

In 1670s, humans began using pig iron as building material in large amount. Until 19th century, wrought iron was used by humans to build bridges, houses and other things. Even though the application was limited by drawbacks of these materials such as low intensity and poor overall performance, it marked the beginning of era of steel application. After the mid-19th century, specifications and models of steel increased and strength was improved as well. Accordingly, development of technique laid solid foundation for the development of large cross-overloaded direction, thus bringing a leap of civil engineering.

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