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Steel sheet is a flat product processed by molten steel and cooling and it has high strength, rigidity and toughness. In our company, there are two kinds of this product, medium thick steel sheet and steel checker plate. Medium thick type is widely used in construction, machinery manufacturing, container manufacturing, shipbuilding and bridge construction. Main applications of steel checker plate are flooring, work bench pedal, ship deck and car floor etc.

For easy storage, transportation and processing, steel is processed into coil by hot or cold rolling. There are a couple of options for our customers, including hot rolled type, cold rolled type, galvanized type, galvalume type and PPGI prepainted galvanized type. Hot rolled type is a product before recrystallization of billet. Cold rolled type is a product processed by subsequent processing. For corrosive or humid occasions, galvanized type and galvalume type are good choices because zinc coating and aluminum zinc layer can protect base steel from corrosion, thus extending service life. For decoration, PPGI prepainted galvanized type should be chosen. Based on galvanization, a layer or multi-layer liquid coating is painted on the surface so coil has not only strong corrosion resistance but also striking and bright color appearance.

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