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Electro Galvanized Steel Coil Electro Galvanized Steel Coil

Steel rusts easily in the air, water or soil and sometimes it is completely damaged. Every year, loss of steel approximately accounts for 1/10 of the entire steel production. So under most circumstances, some measures are taken to convey special features for steel and give it beautiful decoration surface. Among them, electrolytic zinc plating is commonly used.

In dry air, zinc is very stable. In humid air, surface of zinc can produce a very dense film of basic zinc carbonate, thus effectively protecting its interior from corrosion. When zinc coating is damaged and base steel is exposed, zinc and base steel can form micro-battery, making base steel cathode and protect it. Electro galvanized steel coil, also called electrolytic galvanized sheet, is manufactured by forming uniform, compact, good combination of metal or metal alloy deposited layer on the surface of parts through electrolysis. There are many types of this product, including coating plate, phosphate plate and fingerprint resistant plate.

Detailed Specifications
Wall thickness: 0.4-1.2mm
Width of coil: <1300mm
Internal diameter: 610mm
Weight of Zinc-coating (g/m2): 20-50

There are many features of electro galvanized steel coil. In the first place, zinc coating is thick, uniform and non-porous and corrosion resistant. Secondly, zinc coating is very pure so it is corroded very slowly in acid and alkali mist. After treatment by Chromic acid passivation, zinc coating becomes white and army green so it has a certain decorative effect. Last but not least, with good ductility, so many processes can be performed without damaging it such as cold punching, rolling and bending. With all these features, electro galvanized steel coil is widely used in many fields such as machine manufacturing, electronics, precision instruments, chemical, light industry, transportation, weapons, aerospace and nuclear energy, etc.

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