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Cold Rolled Steel Coil Cold Rolled Steel Coil Cold Rolled Steel Coil Cold Rolled Steel Coil

Hot-rolled product is used as the raw material for cold rolled steel coil. Rolling is performed under the recrystallization temperature. For ordinary steel, it is processed under room temperature. Silicon steel sheet has high silicon content, high brittleness and low plasticity, so it should be preheated to 200℃ prior to cold rolling treatment. Because heat is not applied in the whole process, so there is no pitting and oxidized iron skin. To the contrary, the final product has smooth surface and high finish. In addition, this product has high dimensional accuracy so it can meet many high demanding needs with its performance and texture, such as electromagnetic property and drawability. At present, cold rolled steel coil is widely used in appliances, construction, automobile manufacturing, electrical products, trams, aerospace, precision instruments, canned food and other industries.

Detailed Specifications
Wall thickness: 0.15-2.0mm
Width: 400-1500mm
Standard: GB/t5213-2008, JIS G3141, ASTM A1008, EN10130
Material: SPCC (DC01/ST12), SPCD (DC03/ST13), SPCE (DC04/ST14), SPCF (DC05/ST115), SPCG (DC06/ST16)

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