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Hot-rolled steel is manufactured by high-temperature heating. Though its strength is not particularly high, it has good ductility and weldability. At the same time, hot rolling can recrystallize the internal so performance of this product becomes more excellent without changing metal structure property. Compared with hot rolled steel, although cold rolled steel has higher intensity, its toughness and weldability are lower. In addition to that, it has poorer performance than hot-rolled product because it is relatively hard and brittle.

With many features of high strength, good toughness, easy processability and good weldability, hot-rolled steel is widely used in ships, cars, bridges, buildings, machinery, pressure vessels and other manufacturing industries. Our company can provide a series of this product, including hot rolled sheet and coil, medium-thick steel sheet, steel checkered plate and hot rolled pickled coil for customers to choose.

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