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Scaffolding Pipe Scaffolding Pipe Scaffolding Pipe Scaffolding Pipe

Scaffolding pipe is a kind of support constructed for vertical and horizontal transportation. It is always used in exterior walls, interior decoration or storey too high for direct construction. Traditionally, bamboo or wood is used as the raw material for this product and they are unstable and dangerous. At present, steel tube is applied. With high strength and toughness, this product has high solid reliability so safety for construction is guaranteed.

Our company can provide scaffolding pipe with reliable quality and reasonable structure. With smooth surface, there is no rust, crack, layering, indentation and other defects. There are two grades of steel for this product. Q235B has a certain degree of elongation, strength, toughness and castability, so it is easy to stamp and weld. For Q345B, it has good mechanical properties such as good ductility, resistance to low temperature and weldability. As a result, it can be used in structure of cold regions with temperature below -40 ℃.

Detailed Specifications
Size (outer diameter× wall thickness): 33.4 - 88.9mmX 2.5-5.5mm
Standard: GB/T 3091
Grade of steel: Q235B/Q345B

As an experienced scaffolding pipe supplier in China, UNIGLORY provides a wide range of products that includes slotted steel pipe, medium thick steel sheet, bolts and nuts, galvalume steel coil, and more.

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