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Fluid Transmission Pipe Fluid Transmission Pipe

Fluid transmission pipe is used to transmit lower pressure fluid such as water, gas, air, oil and heating steam, etc. There are two types of this product, ERW welded type and seamless type. ERW welded type is also called general welded product. It can be divided into ordinary type and thickened type according to wall thickness. In terms of end type, it can be classified into bare type and threaded type. Seamless type product is always used to manufacture water wall tube, boiling water tube, superheating steam tube of locomotive boiler, small and big smoke tube and arch brick tube, etc.

Detailed Specifications of ERW Welded Pipe
Size (outer diameter× wall thickness): 33.4 - 406.4mmX 2.0- 12.7mm
Standard: GB/T 3091
Grade of steel: J Q235B/Q345B

Detailed Specifications of Seamless Pipe
Size (outer diameter× wall thickness): 33.4 - 406.4mmX 3.38- 20mm
Standard: GB/T8163-1999
Grade of steel: 20#/Q345B

Fluid transmission pipe has hollow section and there is no welding from end to end. This product is widely used in civil construction, industrial engineering and large-scale equipment. Round tube can deliver more fluid due to the biggest area of circle under the same circumference. In addition to that, ring-section can withstand internal or external radial pressure force more evenly so our product adopts this design.

Hot-rolled coils are the raw materials for ERW type fluid transmission pipe and cold roll forming is used. Because the manufacturing process is performed under room temperature so outer diameter control is very precise and fluctuation range is narrow. In addition, impact energy of this product is close to base material by controlling many process parameters, including impurity content of raw materials, slitting burr height and direction, forming edge shape, welding speed and heating power, thus greatly improving weld properties. Hot rolled forming process is adopted in seamless type product. There is no welding on the body of the product. At the same time, air bubbles, cracks and loose spots formed during casting can be welded under high temperature and pressure, so this product has the feature of dense texture and excellent mechanical property. Of course, customers can make their choices according to different conditions.

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