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1. Elbow
Size: DN15-DN1200
Thickness: 1-25mm
Standard: GB/T 12459 GB/T 13401/ ASME B 16.9/ASME B 16.28
Material: SS400/Q235B/16Mn/Q345B, 34CrMo4 or other alloy steel
Type: 45°, 90°, 180°
Fitting Fitting
2. Bend
Fitting Fitting
Size: OD≤1220 WT≤120
Standard: DL/T 515 SY 5257
Material: SS400/Q235B/16Mn/Q345B, 34CrMo4 or other alloy steel
3. Tee
Fitting Fitting
Size: DN 20X15-DN1200X1000 Thickness: 1.5-20
Standard: GB/T 12459 GB/T 13401/ ASME B 16.9
Material: SS400/Q235B/16Mn/Q345B
4. Flange
Size: DN10-Dn600
Standard: GB/T 9112-9124/HG20592-20635/ANSI 16.5/JISB2220/DIN2627-2673
Material: SS400/Q235B/16Mn/Q345B

In many pipeline constructions, various types of fitting are used to connect tubes. In our company, we can provide many types of this product, including elbow (45 °, 90° and 180 °), bend, tee and flange, etc.

Elbow and bend are used at the turning point of tube. And their radiuses of curvature are different. For elbow, it is 1.2 and the value is bigger than 2 for bender. With different manufacturing processes, they are used in different occasions. For cold bend, it can be manufactured by line tube and it can be completed by one time without secondary anti-corrosion. But elbow needs to be customized by factory and secondary anti-corrosion is needed so the cycle is quite long. They can all be used in open area and cost is the only consideration. However, for narrow area, bend must be used such as rock tunnel because it has small value of radius of curvature.

Tee is used at the convergence point of three tubes to shunt fluids. Our company can provide many different models of equal type and reducing type. Equal type has the same diameter between main tube and branch tube. For reducing type, the diameters between them are different so customers can choose on their actual needs.

The main function of flange is to connect tubes. There are holes on the surface and bolt is used to connect them. According to structure type, this product can be divided into integral type, lap joint type and threaded type, etc. The main features of this connection are easy removal, high strength and good sealing performance. When installing products, both of them should be parallel to each other to prevent bruise of sealing surface.

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