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Pump Pipe

Pump pipe is a very important accessory for pump truck. And its application increases efficiency of the construction by nearly a hundredfold. Traditionally, concrete was transported to destination by human or crane in the form of barrel. Special material, quenching treatment of inner wall and chemical treatment of carburization are used to enable hardness of the flange bush reach 60 degrees. In addition, hardness and wear resistance are also increased to ensure 3-5 years' service life of this product. As a result, time and cost can be saved and trouble of regular changing is also eliminated to improve efficiency.

In order to resolve connecting problem of flange, we improve our technology. Specifically, 3m tube is used and heat treatment is performed after flange is connected and welded. After overall quenching, it has better quality and partial annealing or weak socket is avoided. For tube head, it is processed specially and it is connected through welding. For connection of each tube, it is realized through pipe straps processed by fine casting. For raw material of pump pipe, customization is available. Inner tube has excellent abrasion property and high strength. For outer tube, it has good toughness.

There are some attentions and cautions for pump pipe. Tube at the bottom corner withstands a lot of pressure when pumping concrete vertically upward, so it is prone to break. As a result, this position should be firm. So repeated firming should be avoided and concrete pad can be casted at this position to facilitate cleaning of tube.

Detailed Specifications
Size (mm): 129*3.2/2.8,133*1.7,133.6*2.3, 100*3.5
Outer diameter: +/-0.4mm
Wall thickness: +0.15mm/-0.1mm

As a specialized pump pipe supplier in China, our company also provides electric-welded steel tubes for cardan shaft, steel nails, common use welding electrode, steel H-beam, among others.

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